Private policy & terms of use (apps)
(according to GDPR - state of: May/2020)

1. The Kiddybox Inc. is continually busy with updating and modernizing the intern digital safety technologies and softwares to be on the newest status of safety – according to the demands of the GDPR. Responsible for all saved emails and audio messages and all included private information, even for the app and its content is:

Kiddybox GmbH (Inc.)
Hünxer Str. 326
46537 Dinslaken
Phone: +49 (0)20 64 – 6 03 11 88

2. With the confirmation of contract, purchasing and downloading ‘Andy & Sandy’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘app’) google Play & Co.* (hereinafter known as ‘provider’) save bank accounts respectively credit card information, even names, email, adress, phone numbers, IP-adress (to identify the device and its owner). These information are necessary to buy the game and to get in contact in case of problems. The private information will be (or are) saved and managed by the respective provider. They handle with private information according to the GDPR, noted in their own private policies and terms of use – the Kiddybox Inc. (hereinafter also named ‘we’ or ‘us’) does not request or receive mentioned private information by the providers.

3. The providers manage and save all private information with the newest standard of safety. They are responsible for the safe-keeping and secrecy. Kiddybox Inc. recommend to read the respective private policies and terms of use, because their contents could be divergent to our policies and terms. Kiddybox Inc. will not assume responsibilities for potential injuries against GDPR, caused by others. Their behaviours are not under our influence and will.

4. We do not collect datas and private information, but we examine statistics and user feedbacks. These information show users behaviour of consumption and habits to play, even constructive feedbacks. We use these information to improve our games and services. A part of the mentioned functions is the evaluation, registration and storage of technical information. These contain users device and its operating system (OS), the app was installed with. These technical information are: device manufacturer respectively device-type, its series number or specification, its CPU (kind, performance), type of graphic device and working memory aso. and the running OS. These mentioned information can only be seen by the provider and the developer. The purpose of these information are used for improvements of app-performance and elemination of incompatibilities (detected crash-downs). We explicitly declare that stored information and datas (any kind of) will not be touched! We only get and need technical parameters for our purposes. Private information and datas stay untouchable and invisible within the statistical evaluation of the developer console.

5. Kiddybox Inc. is not responsible for the content of users public and visible feedback. The author is fully responsible for the content of his posts! With getting in contact with Kiddybox Inc. and the members via telephone, audio recordings of each correspondence are saved on our servers, to improve our services. These recordings are regularly saved for 6 months.

6. With writing an email your private information will be handled confidential, managed and saved encoded on our servers by a security-key-management. By contacting us over our website further private information will be saved the way as mentioned. In that case further private information will be saved temporarily. By visiting our website, cookies will be temporarily installed on your internet browser, for making the future visits on our website more comfortable and faster for the user. More about the private policies of our website:

7. After effectless correspondences private information respectively emails will be deleted after three months. Our new customers who receive non-app-products get in prior of the business relationship an informed consent for data protection. Therein the new customer is a) informed about the way of handling and saving private information and b) asked for his authorization to handle and save. This is needed for the customer service, performance of the contract and information for the customer. An already confirmed authorization can be terminated, anytime (for further information s. paragraph 6). With buying and using our apps a digital enlightenment (like this) is sufficient. Depending from their priority or importance, messages and information will be deleted soon. Long-time-saved information will be deleted after done relationships and correspondences, at the latest after one year, if a legal dispute isn’t given. Otherwise private information can be saved beyond the mentioned time. Digital conversations are only printed and archived under necessary circumstances. If the necessity decays or isn’t given, printed conversations and private information will be shredded.

8. In case of statutory violation by the user, we reserve the right to send necessary information to our lawyer. That also happens under observance of safety requirements of GDPR, to protect private information.

9. As far as no need is given to save private information for a long time, mentioned information can be deleted immediately on users demand. Otherwise the deletion follows after three months by Kiddybox Inc. (see paragraph 7.).

10. ‘Andy & Sandy’ is working offline, too. Neither private information nor user datas will be sent to another instance or system. Solely the score for the highscore-list, plus variables like numbers of life and collected objects will be saved as an ini-file on your device, whereon the app is installed. These datas and set information will not be transfered by the app, to another instance/device. The app doesn’t work with algorithms which are under suspicion to save and/or to send private information and users behaviour or psychological constitution to other instances and/or systems (for commercial manipulation aso.). ‘Andy & Sandy’ is free of algorithms and ensures unhesitatingly and innocent joy of game play. We basically refuse all kind of commercial within our games. Because the focus is set on true playful entertainment for small and grown up children, without coercion of registration.

11. The responsibility for private information protection (according to GDPR) must be attended by the app-user respectively communication partner, too. The user is responsible for officially published scores, screenshots, photos, messages and their contents, which bear on Kiddybox Inc. and/or its products. If the user posts mentioned information and contents for example on social media platforms or similar, as far as it is public and visible to other persons, the user is responsible for the content and all possible consequences. All websites and profiles which include links to our website and/or our products are under the full responsibility of their owner.

12. ‘Andy & Sandy’ is a game app which requires a basic fee per installation. No further costs will follow in that game. The fee is due with the confirmation of the contract between the user and the provider. After the fee is paid the app goes over into an installation sequence. The fee contains the download and installation for 1 device. The transfer of the installation package to other devices isn’t provided. The provider lists devices and detects your unit, you want to install the app, upon (for checking the compatibility). But you should update your device-software and make sure, that it has enough working memory, respectively enough assigned processing memory. Otherwise the app couldn’t work correctly or it could even crash. No refunds possible! But we are busy to provide/enlarge the list of devices as well, to ideally raise the chance of a devices compatibility, for running ‘Andy & Sandy’. Kiddybox Inc. reserves the right to change the height of the fee, at own discretion. This wouldn’t have any effect on the already installed app – version updates remain free for the already installed game app.

13. Kiddybox Inc. and its developer tested ‘Andy & Sandy’ during an alpha-test-phase, with help of several test-gamers. The app was tested on functionality, usablility, quality and content. The age limit and the height of fee were considered thoroughly as well. Despite of this, bugs can be detected and noticed by the developer and users afterwards. The bugs can negatively influent the games functionality and appearance. In spite of the test phase further bugs cannot be fully excluded. We will do our very best, to clean up such problems as fast as possible. That’s why Kiddybox Inc. is thankful for all constructive information about such problems. Kiddybox Inc. reserves the right to fix bugs and problems which appear afterwards. After each app-improvement the user with the installed app will be informed about the newest update with rising release version, for a free update of his latest installed version (see paragraph 12.). In spite of possible bugs which could appear afterwards, no refunds possible!

14. To mention a particular thing is that ‘Andy & Sandy’ (V.1.0.0 + updates (under V.2.0.0)) is a ‘pilot-game’. Kiddybox Inc. and its developer care about its improvement. But there is no obligation to realize and publish a further episode. The implementation of a further episodic sequel is depending from the success of that pilot-game version 1.0.0 (as mentioned before). The decision to realize another episode of ‘Andy & Sandy’ is depending from the numbers of the downloaded installation packs + updates. Kiddybox Inc. makes the decision by own discretion, according to the mentioned factors. No refunds possible! The fee covers the installation and the app-usage, as said before (see paragraph 12.).

15. Any attempt of transfering the installation package, the installed ‘Andy & Sandy’ game datas and temporary files on other devices is prohibited! The installation package is only available and acquirable within the online stores of the app providers, Kiddybox Inc. is in contract with. Any kind of unallowed usage and modification of graphical and auditive contents and the game code (even parts of the mentioned things) are prohibited, too! Contraventions will be prosecuted.

16. The Kiddybox Inc. points to the welfare and health of children and people with mental and physiological handicaps. In spite of the intern and extern considered age rating and innocuousnesses, conditions of upset, fear and symphtomatic reactions are possible. Therefore it is important to have an eye or being an attendant for a while, in case of the mentioned people and legitimate worries are there. Occasional flashes and light effects and recurring movements could cause epileptic seizures or temporary apathy on people with propensity to epilepsy. Exessive game play can also have negative influence to children’s attention, receptiviness, educability and normal sleep. Playing video games one our before bed time or right after the awakening could have the same negative influence on children. We recommend to let them play one hour, maximally two hours per day, with 30 minutes pause minimum, after 60 minutes of game play.

After our recommendations, we – the Kiddybox Inc. – are not responsible for possible consequences of defiance by the user. Parents or by parents chosen supervisors are responsible for appropriate and child-oriented dealings with video game apps.

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(All rights reserved)

* ‘Co.’ means other app providers, who offer ‘Andy & Sandy’