• Kid­dy­box GmbH
  • Hünxer Str. 326 46537 Dinslak­en
  • info@kiddy-box.de
  • 02064 60 311 88
  • 02064 60 311 90

How to order the Kiddybox:

  • Give us a call!

Tel: +49 (0)20 64 – 603 11 88

Mo- Fr 8:00 – 16:30

  • Together we will determine the delivered quantity and conditions best fitting for your business
  • You will receive a non-binding offer from us (minimum order quantity is 80 box sets)
  • Does our offer fit your requirements? Then simply place your order by fax or email!
  • Delivery is provided free through reliable logistic partners

And this is your set:

  • Folding boxes (Kiddybox, treasure chests), stacked flat for space-saving
  • Our ingredients (juice boxes, lollipops, toys, and balloons)
  • Marketing material for your business (posters, table displays)

The Kiddybox App

Download the Kiddybox app now and place your order on the go.

The Kiddybox brochure

Would you like to know more about our Kiddybox? Simply send us an email with your contact information. We will gladly provide you with our brochure, a sample box and a non-binding offer by mail.


1 – 3 workdays

Our order units for complete box sets are 80 pieces.

Toys change every 6 to 8 weeks. We always have 6 to 10 different toy choices in stock.