Kiddybox – in a nutshell

Kids love the popular fast food chains. Parents know that it is not for the food, but for the toys that come along, heavily promoted in TV and media. Because of that, choosing a restaurant for the whole family can end up in dispute, as the kids want toys along with their meals, the parents prefer variety and a diverse choice in dishes and beverages.

Kiddybox provides you, too, with the opportunity to make your little customers happy. Parents will thank you for it, as kids’ dishes from your kitchen in combination with a tasty juice, a Chupa Chups lollipop, and most of all, an entertaining toy will turn a visit to your restaurant into a harmonious family experience.

Our idea

We aim to make it possible for medium-sized gastronomy to keep up with the times, at little effort and low expenses, thus tying in families as customers. A small investment into the Kiddybox offer can have a large impact and increase your customer base.

Your advantage

Your guests will remember your restaurant or inn as a family-friendly place to which they will happily return, as well as telling their friends and relatives about it. By offering the Kiddybox, you expand your varied menu to include a child-appropriate alternative, containing everything the kids love. Benefit of our needs-based conditions and order the Kiddybox along with marketing material, which we provide!


Our marketing material

For your outdoor advertising, your windows or the check-out area, we offer posters in sizes DIN A2 and A3. These are ideally installed at the viewing height of children to draw your little customers’ attention to the Kiddybox. On the posters you will find an area to individually fill out your price.


Furthermore, you can order table displays which are guaranteed to catch the eyes of your younger and grown-up customers. Here an option for your individual pricing is provided as well.